Welcome to the Hammer of Durotan!

Beginning of the Hammer (screenshot)

We are an active and social guild who want to achieve great things on the Durotan-Ysera server!  Our ultimate goal is to possibly be the best guild on Durotan and bring what some may say a “dead” server back to life again!  We incorporate and welcome any and all play styles including raiding and PvP and want to make everyone feel welcome and have fun.

Guild Leveling Goals

Hammer of Durotan is leveling up!!! we are in the process of leveling now that the guild has peaked at 1000 members. We will now be progressing to the 9th leveling goal, level 90. We are only inviting level 85 and up at this time. Thanks everyone for working together to make our leveling goals […]


Raid Preparation

Updates are coming soon, but get geared up as much as you can so we can get things moving. The Rundown on Raiding GET THAT ITEM LEVEL POPPING!!!


Love to PvP?

We are looking for level 90s who are serious about PvP and who want to do battlegrounds, arenas, and rated battle grounds. A new PvP rank has been added to the guild, the Gladiator rank. Please speak to the GM about getting this guild rank and about our rated battle ground team. 🙂


Weekly Guild Runs

“In Raid” has been added as a new rank for raiding in which those who have it in a raid will have unlimited repair for the duration of the raid they are in. If the guild does all 7 dungeons as guild runs for the week, the guild will cover the repair for all current […]


Disclaimer: Hammer of Durotan is not responsible as a guild for any actions of individual guild members in guild chat or otherwise.  The intent is to provide an atmosphere that is friendly to all guild members.  Adult language filters should be used when appropriate.  Please refer all concerns to the GM (Fractus) so issues can be dealt with appropriately.